Introduction of Jyoticero Rubber

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Jyoti Cero Rubber is a professionally managed group of technocrats primarily involved in designing, finding the solutions and innovate against the wear and abrasion problems in processing plant for material handling and mining industries by using wide range of polymer, Ceramic and Steel. Our major customers are Steel industries, Cement, power plants, aluminum plants and mining industries.

The company processes a well-experienced management team having utmost dedication in its kind and acts. With their skill and confidence along with the co-operation of its valued customer and supplier it has achieved the objective/Goals of success.

The company is always dedicated to its customer to provide its services in much better way so as to meet the satisfaction of customer. The relation between the company and its customers/suppliers are cordial/co-operative.
The plant has necessary testing equipments to carry out the required routine tests within the premises. Over the years we have invested in adding various facilities so as to supply high quality insulation material to our clients.
The Company is committed to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system and also believes that the achievement through team work.

We are an ISO-9001-2008 certified company.

It was a great moment for our organization when Indian Government has awarded us  “NATIONAL AWARD 2009” for the two categories.:

  1. Special Recognition Award 2009 for Research & Development Efforts.
  2. Special Recognition Award 2009 for National Level Entrepreneurship

Our Indian government has also awarded us  “BHARTIYA UDYOG RATAN” with Gold medal for development of adhesion procedure for rubber with Ceramic and  Jharkhand Government has also awarded us the “ BEST SSI Unit  in Jharkhand of state” for the year 2005 – 06 and 2008-09. Recently India SME forum has awarded us for ”INDIA’S SMALL GIANTS 2014” and India SME forum has awarded us for ”INDIA SME 100 AWARDS”

Jyoti Cero Rubber presently serving to Steel Industries, Mining industries, Cement Industries and Power Plants, since last five years for the protection of wear & abrasion for their material handling equipments.

It was a very Prestigious moment for us that our plant was inaugurated by Mr. A.D. Baijal, vice president (R.M. & I.M), along with  Mr. Om Narayan (Chief Mechanical Maintenance), Mr. B.K. Das (Chief Sinter Plant), Mr. Despande (Chief Coke Plant), Mr. Rajiv (Chief R.M.H) and others from user Departments of Tata Steel.

we have developed a product “'HYBRID IDLER' to counter the very high wear and abrasion of idler roller-pipe surface, a special type of Polymer  JCR-1000 CEROZIP was developed in the year 2006  jointly with Tata Steel, and whose patent has been filed jointly, guarantees a 10-fold increase in life over the normal one available in the market.

It was a great   moment of honour and pride for me as well as for our organization on 26th   April 2010, when another unit of Jyoti Cero Rubber was inaugurated by Mr. H. M. Nerurkar Managing Director of Tata Steel Ltd.

In the year 2013, we have produced an innovative product for the Tata Steel, where wire rod coil edge damage has been a nagging problem and to avoid surface damages during transit via Rail or Road, we have developed a product “Coil Edge Protection”  with guidance from Tata Steel.

Again In the year 2014, Transportation related corrosion of sheets abrasion marking on surface of “Galvano Coil” was a problem Tata Steel wanted to address.  And with immense support of R&D Tata Steel, we have developed a Vibration Mounting Pad for laying under the coils during transportation. It was very challenging for us because Problem of fretting corrosion is more severe when coils are thick and transported through road. One would expect a rejection of 30-35% if coil would have been transported using commonly used rubber.

“Our U.S.P. is to develop the products as per working environment and requirement of equipment/machineries already installed in the above industries and always to be on toe to improve the quality with the help of in-house R & D, adopt the new technology with modification to suit the requirements of the customers to increase their  productivity.”

Jyoticero Rubber Products

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  1. Rubber Ceramic Pulley Lagging. (New innovation).
  2. Hybrid Idler (New Innovation) under patent jointly with Tata Steel Ltd.
  3. Cero Conveyor Belt (New Innovation)
  4. Rubber screen Decks of different performance size as required by customers.
  5. Any Rubber Mounting item as per drawing or sample.
  6. Acid proof & Normal Rubber lining for tanks and pulleys.
  7. Any metallic Rubber Molding items as per drawing or sample.
  8. Any spare parts of Rubber suitable for conveyor system and machine equipments.
  9. Rubber Ceramic Wear liner for protection of wear and abrasion in Area of Raw material Handling (New innovation).
  10. Rubber Ceramic Impact Liner for Protection of Wear and abrasion in area of Raw Material Handling (New innovation).
  11. Anti Corrosion Management for Heavy Steel Structure and Equipments (New innovation).
  12. Antiskid Rubber Mating at Walkway in industrial shed and important Building like Hospital, Corporate Office and Bank etc. (New innovation).Quick Installation Management of Equipments to Their foundation.
  13. Skirt board – Sealing system for material handling conveyors ballets at loading point.
  14. Internal – Belt Cleaner – Plough cleaner, B. Diagonal Cleaner, C. Sprung blade cleaner, D. Torsion Arm cleaner.
Any kind of Rubber moulded Items

Ceramic Rubber Pulley Lagging sheet

A lagging body for a belt conveyor pulley comprises a wide and long rubber substrate and a number of rectangular of square small plate-like ceramic lagging elements aligned in the lateral and longitudinal directions and secured on the surface of said wide and long rubber substrate having a given thickness, wherein a lagging element is produced by adding an inorganic bonding agent essentially consisting of glassy material to ceramic particles, molding the resultant particles into a rectangular or square small plate-like article, and a number of the lagging elements are aligned on the surface of a wide and long length rubber substrate in the longitudinal and lateral directions and secured thereon.

A free size lagging body is available to secure onto the outer periphery of a pulley drum by free size for repairing the pulley drum so as to eliminate inconvenience caused by the exchange of damaged pulley and wastefulness of time for waiting for the supply of new pulley.

Rotator and Stabilizer

(New Innovation) for  West Bokaro Gato Washeries
Earlier life of was 3-4 months
Present life is 12500 running hrs. i.e. >  1 year

» Unique design, very easy to install
» Less wear results in longer life with substantial cost savings
» Use of low weight soft rubber polyurethane makes it user friendly, safe to     handle and reduce the risk of injury.

Hybrid Idler

The conveyer belt system are consist of number of rotating points and fixed points (i.e. Drive Pulley, Tail Pulley, Bend Pulleys, Sub Pulleys take-up Pulleys and supported number of Troughing Idler, Return idlers, short post stringers, tail frame, head frame, main structure and many other parts of conveyer belt. Depending its capacity the idler rollers may be either straight or segmented and tilted. As per the design based on IS-11592 and Idlers as per the IS-8598well known in the prior art.

The generally the conveyer belts are having two side. (i) Carrying side and (ii) Non-Carrying side. During the operations. The troughing Idlers always in contact with Non-carrying side of Belt and Return idler are always in contact with carrying side of the conveyer belt.

Sieve Bend Casing

First time Ceramic Lined Sieve Bend Casing for coal washery -2 at West Bokaro Ghatotand, Tata Steel was developed.
Past life was 6-8 months
The present one fitted in Jan 2005 is still running since then.

JCR ORTO - Reagent

  • A unique fast cure compound for repair of pipe leakages.
  • Successfully applied in the month of Oct’09 on a major break down on 42" Humed steel pipe at PH#4, 20 MW return water line.
  • Condition of pipe was so bad that repairs of same pipe about 6 mts long was not possible by conventional methods.

PU Screen Deck

Development of import substitute.
  • Screen Deck” for BINDER make Vibrating equipment at the new WRP plant, Tata Steel for primary Screen to separate the 90 mm Blast furnace and  LD waste  material.
  • We have worked on war footing for development of drawings and preparation for final production of Screen Decks
  • Installed the same to run the plant within 10 days to the satisfaction of customers.

Boltable Chutes with Polymer Liner

  • Development of import substitute
  • “Screen Deck” for BINDER make Vibrating equipment at the new WRP plant, Tata Steel for primary Screen to separate the 90 mm Blast furnace and  LD waste  material.
  • We have worked on war footing for development of drawings and preparation for final production of Screen Decks
  • Installed the same to run the plant within 10 days to the satisfaction of customers.

Jyoti Rubb Plain

Smooth Rubber Wear liners are available in widths up to 500mm and lengths up to 1000mm. Overall thickness is available from 10mm to 150mm. Steel backing plate is supplied with thickness varying from 3mm to 8mm depending on the rubber thickness and/or application.

Hole drilling is done to a standard pattern figure. Special drilling to customer requirement is available. Attachment can be either through-bolts with a washer and nut on the outside of the steel structure or welded studs if through bolting is not possible. In both cases the holes are sealed, by use of rubber plugs, afterfilling as shown in the figure .

Jyoti Rubb

There are many applications where the material flow strikes the wear surface at sharp angles. This reduces the dampening effect of the rubber, resulting in increased rate of wear. If the lining material is profiled, the material will impact on the rubber wear liner at a more favourable angle (i.e. as close to 90° as possible.) This correction will dramatically reduce the wear rate and significantly increase liner life. Steel backed profiled rubber wear line are available in widths of 400mm or 500mm and a standard length of 1000mm. Total thickness is either 80mm or 120mm, including a steel backing plate of 5mm. Hole drilling is done to a standard pattern (Figure). Attachment can be either through bolts with washers and nuts on the outside of the steel structure, or a welded stud if through bolting is not possible. In both cases the holes are sealed after fitment with rubber plugs, (as shown in figure).

Typical applications for this type of rubber wear liner include: chutes, launders, skips, belt loading points and gravel and ore bins.

Jyoti Rubb Composite

This is a new generation composite product with a very high wear resistant surface of cylindrical alumina ceramic pellets bound within a resilient rubber base. The extremely hard ceramic surface provides exceptional resistance to wear, while the elastic property of the rubber dampens the impact forces. The fact that each ceramic pellet is completely surrounded by rubber enhances the already outstanding wear resistant properties of the ceramic surface.

The increase in liner life can vary between four to twelve times, depending on the application. Replacement of liners in difficult areas is both costly and time consuming, at the same time the loss of production can often exceed the cost of the wear plate. The increased liner life achieved using this product will more than compensate for the additional cost. The plate comes in two standard sizes (300mm x 300mm xSOmm and 500mm x 500mm)h x 30mm). The plates are manufactured with a steel backing plate suitable for stud welding. The stud welding can be done either by the customer or at our factory.

CERO Seiso Scrappers

The Primary "CERO Seiso", Secondary "CERO Seiso" and Internal "CERO Seiso" are manufactured with replaceable ceramic, Polyurethane and SS tips to meet the customer requirement for belt width 600mm to 1400mm.

CERO Sumo Impact Pads

"CERO Sumo" Impact Pads are manufactured from the finest materials combining a top layer of ultra-high molecular / low friction polyethylene, bonded to a base of specially compounded rubber for high-energy absorption

Both materials are able to operate at temperatures up to 85°C and withstand the presence of oil, grease and most industrial chemicals normally present at these locations.

CERO Seiri Side Skirts

"CERO Seiri" Side Skirts Side Skirts are manufactured with rubber and Ploymer fusion bounded material in pad of 250x250x30mm. These pads are arranged with male/female grooved arrangement for adjusting the profile of belt at loading point and fastened to the steel frame structure/work and bolted to stingers of any belt width.

CERO Zip Rubb Poly-elastomeric

"CERO Zip Rubb" is a series of liner pads made of tough polyurethane elastomers which is capable of out performing many polymers like High Density polyethylene (HDPE), Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR), Natural Rubber, Thermo Plastic Olefin (TPO), Ultra High Molecular weight Polymer (UHMW), Copolyster/ether (COPE), Carbon Steel (CS) and Hardened Steel (AR steel). Its hardness ranges from 10-15 Shore A which is softer than a gum eraser to over 90 Shore D which is much harder than a Golf ball.

Elastomeric Polyurethane provides long trouble free and noise free operations. It combines flexibility, high load bearing capacity, excellent abrasion, oil, solvent and chemical resistance because of its ability to combine and balance a number of properties in one material.

It is available in standard size of 1000mm width and 2000mm length and thickness of 5mm to 100 mm in different colours as per customer's requirement.