Advantages of Jyoti Cero Products

» Unique design, very easy to install
» Less wear results in longer life with substantial cost savings
» Use of low weight soft rubber polyurethane makes it user friendly, safe to     handle and reduce the risk of injury.
» Noise reduction by 50% as compared to metallic liners
» Low friction Polyurethane elastomeric liner increases the flowability of material
» Jamming of material virtually eliminated in wear plates resulting in increased     production
» Elimination of moving parts at conveyor loading station using Impactor Pads     thereby considerably reducing maintenance and downtime
» Increased belt life due to smooth loading, elimination of snags and absorption     of load by Impact bar
» Smooth sliding of belt on low friction Polymer Impact Pad
» Cushion rubber pad for absorbing material impact
» Suitable for all belt width and roughing angles
» Specially designed scrappers for clip joint belts, thermal cracked belts, and belt     handling hot, dry and fine materials.
» Protection of work environment by limiting dust generation